Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cain Not Raising

As soon as I blog about Herman Cain being the front runner, he has to go and have a sexual harassment scandal. On that topic, I don't believe this right-wing bullshit that the whole Cain thing is the result of a vast liberal conspiracy. First of all, Politico, the website which broke the story, is moderate leaning to the right. Secondly, liberals WANT Herman Cain to do well because in a match up with Obama, the Prez wins hands down.

I had earlier written that Obama is in serious trouble, but after this bunch of clowns has finished stumbling all over themselves, I feel a little better about his prospects. Perry is also down for the count after that weird performance in New Hampshire. Did you see that speech? He claims he wasn't drunk or on drugs, but just in a good mood. Mittens is keeping his mouth shut and hopes to be the only one left standing.   

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