Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Amazing Race 19--Episode 7--Ernie and Cindy Wimp Out

First of all, it's Nov. 6 and there are already showing too many Christmas-related commericals during this week's episode of Amazing Race.

Secondly, if I were Ernie and Cindy I would have so U-turned Andy and Tommy's white, Christian, snowboarding asses it would have made their heads spin. As soon as I heard there was a double U-turn I was praying someone would do it to Andy and Tommy who have won nearly every leg of the race. They aren't evil or nasty like Rob and Amber (I recently saw Rob on some History Channel show about travelling the world and nearly lost my cookies) and they have been extremely lucky, benefitting from the mistakes of others. It was pointed out in this week's episode they took number one three times because other teams had goofed up. They are also both very athletic and pay attention to details. So they do deserve to be in the lead, it's just so boring having the same team win all the time.

Ernie and Cindy were ahead of Tommy and Andy because they turned in their Express Pass on Lake Malawi. When they got to the Double U Turn, they could have u-turned the snowboarders and been assured first place, but Ernie said, "I don't want to be mean spirited." I would have done it in a heart beat. It was a race to the finish mat, but Dana Carvey and Young Grizzly Adams surged ahead and won $15,000. In the previews for next week, there is another U-turn and it appears Ernie and Cindy grow a pair (or two pairs) and use it. I'm going to pray all week that it's the snowboarders you get screwed. BTW, two u-turns in a row? Is this a first, and last week had better have been the last non-elimination leg.

Also this week we learned Justin is gay--surprise!--and got a treat with a shot from the Marcus'-enormous-thigh cam. Did you see that shot in the cab with Marcus and Amani where his thigh takes up almost the entire screen? I starting rooting for those two. At first I thought they had an unfair advantage with Marcus being a professional football player. I am against all pro athletes being on the show, because I think "regular" people should win. But they had come from behind and not given up.

Next week, we finally get to Europe. I predict Jeremy and Sandy, this season's bickering couple, will be the next to go. Tommy and Andy and Ernie and Cindy will definitely be in the top three, and third place could be any one of the remaining teams. Maybe it will be Bill and Cathi, the oldest couple, because they keep their heads and tend not to quarrel.

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