Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Amazing Race 19--Episode 8--Justified Double U-Turn in Denmark

Armani and Marcus spent too much time at the airport this week
In addition to finally visiting a new city--Copenhagen--there was a second consecutive double-U turn, two firsts for the Amazing Race this week. Ernie and Cindy wised up and used it, or Cindy did at any rate while Ernie wanted to be all hearts and flowers and not use it on anyone. Cindy cold-bloodedly bitch-slapped grandparents Bill and Cathi to the curb by using the U-turn on them. They received some grief for it, but I'm sorry, it was the right move and I'm glad they did it. I'd have done the same. I'm only sorry it wasn't Andy and Tommy who had to go back and make the rabbits run.

Let's start at the beginning and try for a thorough analysis of this week's episode, something I haven't done in ages. The teams were told they had to make their way from Malawi to Copenhagen. There was a flight that would get them to the Danish capital via Amsterdam by 8 AM but they were free to find faster accomodations. Everybody did so, except for Marcus and Armani which kinda surprised me since they have this can-do spirit. Instead they snoozed at the airport while all the other teams got to the next clue several hours ahead. If not for Jeremy and Sandy's stupidity--they couldn't find the right location for the next destination--the ex-football guy and his wife would have lost for sure.

The clue lead them all to this castle where they had to don period costumes and make-up (why the make-up?, I don't think they had foundation in the 16th century) and learn three dance steps. I must admit Young Grizzly Adams looked mighty cute in his Elizabeth togs and Ernie sported some shapely gams in those white tights. While watching their teammates, Bill revealed he and Cathi met when they were 12 and 13 (the Renaissance costumes must have brought back memories for him) while Cindy confessed she first hooked up with Ernie over shots at a bar. 19-year-old Zac had trouble with the steps and his dad explained to the camera he would have picked them up quickly because he used to be in a rock band. Huh? And what was with that tall, thin guy with the beard and codpiece who looked like Dr. Smith from Lost in Space who was the partner for the third dance? All of the male contestants looked a mite uncomfortable when he was dancing with them.

The following location was a farm where there was a choice of tasks--lead a rabbit through an obstacle course or make six bricks of butter. After completing the task, Ernie and Cindi U-turned Bill and Cathi which was perfectly OK with me. The older couple was right behind them and they didn't want to lose another prize. Bill and Cathi then U-turned Lawrence and Zack. I guess they were thinking if they U-turned Andy and Tommy, whom they had just seen seconds ago, the snowboarders could still catch up with them, but if they slowed down the father and son who were way behind, they were guaranteed not being last. Ironically, the grandparents and the snowboarders were second and third and Andy and Tommy chose not to run and usurp second place from the oldsters. I guess since there was no prize or money involved, it didn't matter.

Jeremy and Sandy almost lost because of Sandy's terrible map-reading skills. You could tell Jeremy wanted to kill her when he kept mumbling about being going in the wrong direction because she didn't tell him early enough which turn to take. She kept saying "What? What?" "Nothing...nothing." Terrible communication skills. They are definitely the next to go and I think Marcus and Armani after that. While I admire their spirit, they make too many wrong decisions, like not working to find an earlier flight.

Next week looks like a can't-miss episode with everyone stripping down and flexing their muscles. All the guys, even over-60 Bill, look pretty hot.

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