Saturday, November 5, 2011

Michigan Legislature Endorses Satanism and One More Thing About Herman Cain

The Michigan state legislature recently passed an anti-bullying law, but Republicans added provisions that if you can prove you did your bullying for religious reasons, you would not be punished. HUH? I think what happened was the Repubs received pressure from evangelicals and other nutcases that there should never, ever be any law on the books that says being gay or acting gay is OK and that no one should ever be punished for teasing or assualting someone if they firmly believe they are doing the lord's work. That's absolutely crazy. You could interpret the bible to say homosexuality is a sin, BUT doesn't the good book also say love the sinner, and let he who is without sin cast the first stone--or punch or fag joke. How could you possibly interpret the bible--or any other religious text--to say that bullying and tormenting your fellow students is OK. The only religion I can think of with such a credo is Satanism. So therefore, the Michigan state legislature is endorsing Satanism.

And one more thing about Herman Cain. His sexual harassment scandal doesn't seem to be effecting his poll numbers. That really doesn't concern me too much. We don't know exactly what he is accused of--did he just make a few inappropriate jokes or did he make unwanted advances? None of the women has come forward with specifics. What troubles me is that Cain doesn't know ANYTHING about foreign policy and his supporters don't care. He doesn't know the president of Uzbekistan or that China is a nuclear power. It was stupid of him to turn the question on the reporter and ask if he knew who the president of Uzbekistan was. The reporter would have answered--"Yes I do, and even if I didn't, that's not the point. I'm not running for President." The segment of the Republican party supporting anyone but Romney wants someone as ignorant of the world as a whole as they are. They just want someone to get them a job and lower their taxes. They like that Cain is not a politician and plain and honest and unsophisticated, just like them. That's what they liked about Sarah Palin, she was just plain folks. Cain is just plain folks and that's what they want in the White House. Foreign policy, who cares about that stuff, just get me a slick of pizza.

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