Saturday, October 1, 2022

I've Had a Cold

I'm just getting over a cold. It still lingers. So I'm treasuring sensations. For example, this morning I was all stuffed up. My husband told me to just use some of the nasal spray I was prescribed. Of course. Then I could breathe. I'm trying deep breathing exercises so it's good to be able to breathe through your nose. The heat came on this morning for the first time. That was another luxury, feeling the warmth coming out of the radiator, like a toaster. Or am I the toast? It's raining heavily. The sounds are so beautiful. It makes me feel safe to be inside when it's so wet and miserable outside. I read a few paragraphs from David Sedaris' latest book. It feels like I've read bits of it before because I read his diary while recovering from being hit by a car. Like having a conversation with a friend and they repeat a story from before. The chapter was about his father's death.