Saturday, November 5, 2011

Amazing Race, Work of Art, and Farewell Project Runway

I'm getting tired of the Snowboarders--or as I like to call them Young Grizzly Adams and Dana Carvey--always winning the Amazing Race. (But Young Girzzly Adams looks great with shirt off. So I hope they stick around for a while.) They won AGAIN this week because the brother and sister forgot to pay their driver. It really takes the fun out of the show when the same team wins all the time. They're probably gonna win the whole thing, too. Last week was one of the few times they lost and were in the middle of the pack. I like to think this is because they disrespected a different religion while reconstructing that temple thing in Bangkok and going on and on about how Christian they are. At least the bickering sister said she respected the temple and wouldn't want anyone to mix up her church if they had put it back together in order to win a cool million on a reality show. BTW, she revealed this week she's a elementary school teacher. A teacher! With a temper like that? I'd be scared of her.

Another thing I'm not lovin' about this season is the limited number of locations. We're up to episode six and we've only been in four countries--Taiwan, Indodensia, Thailand and Malawi. And it looks like next we'll we'll be stuck in Malawi still. Plus we've already used up all the non-elimination legs. Or so it seems. There have been three of them, that's got to be a record for this early in the game. One solution would be to increase the number of contestrants, but I guess they want that uncertainty of everyone not knowing if they will go home or not.
Meanwhile on Work of Art, Sucklord went into his bad boy act defending Tewz's crappy GROW planter in front of the judges (BTW, I saw the gallery owner Bill Powers on the street nust before the new season debuted. I kept thinking where have I seen that cute guy before? Was it at the office? Then I watched the first episode and realized it was him.) I liked Jerry Saltz, the New York critic telling Sucklord he would get medieval on his ass if the artist used one more Star Wars doll in his work. I really like Sucklord's vibe--a combination of nerd and tough guy. I love the way he calls everybody bums. I like Lola too. The pictures of her as a little girl with Al Pacino (whom her mother used to date) were really cute. I wonder if they are still close and if she went backstage when he was doing Merchant of Venice on Broadway.

Last week the eliminated the deaf guy which I think was a mistake. His piece wasn't especially original--referencing Jasper Johns' flag paintings--but it was better than Dusty's trash can.

This week also saw the new Project Runway epilogue to season 9 hosted by Tim Gunn followed by the new episode of Project Accessory. What's next? Project Underwear? Project Nailfile? Project Cellphone? I'm looking forward to the next season with the all-stars.

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