Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Amazing Race 22: Season Finale

At least these two geniuses didn't win.
I guess you all need some kind of closure with The Amazing Race which just wrapped up its 22nd season. Okay, it was almost two weeks ago, I'm sorry, I have things to do like stay in bed and complain, as Judy Tenuta used to say. I sorta lost my fire over it when Joey and Meghan got eliminated. Clearly the Hockey Brothers or the hated Max and Katie were going to win. At least the Roller Moms beat out the Country Singers for the final three so there wouldn't be any mooning flirty bullshit between the brothers and the singers. I didn't really dislike anyone but Max and Katie, but I wasn't in love with anyone who was left. I think they unfairly targeted Meghan and Joey from leftover resentment because of their alliance with the long-departed blonde couple who got eliminated while still holding an Express Pass. (Totally forgot their names, don't feel like looking them up right now, deal with it.)

The final two-hour episode began in Scotland where the final four were told they had to go to Ireland (another budget saving measure, cheap ferry ride) where they swam through about a foot of freezing mud and then chose between serving a recreation of a dinner on the Titanic or painting graffiti  The Country Singers got stuck in the mud and then got lost, falling behind everyone. Meanwhile, the Roller Moms couldn't figure out the correct order of their service and fell behind too, but not far enough behind the singers who were the only ones to do the graffiti challenge. So the Hockey Brothers, big brained Max and Katie, and the Roller Moms were the final three.

The final destination was Washington DC where the first clue would be revealed when the contestants got their picture taken with the president. Of course, it was a photoshop thing, but Max wouldn't shut up about how much of a Republican he is and how he respects the office, but he can't stand Obama. He didn't actually say that, but you know he was thinking it. No one else said anything about their political leanings. Next they did another challenge from a previous season of handing off a briefcase to a secret agent who provided the correct phrase. This is the second repeat roadblock from a previous race this season. I hope they're not running out of ideas. This led to the final roadblock with teams diving into a tank full of beach balls with globes painted them and different countries highlighted. The idea was to pick out all the countries visited on the trip and then assemble the corresponding globes in the right order.

This strikes me as way easier than previous final tasks where you had to remember the foreign phrases for Hello or the national flags. The Hockey Brothers got there first and accomplished it relatively quickly. At least Max and Katie didn't win. Hopefully, season 23 will bring us more compelling contestants.

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