Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Amazing Race 22: Episode 10: Flirting with Dead Poets

Dead Poets Society: The Country Singers flirt
with a dude from the 18th century 
I hate it when I'm rooting for The Amazing Race team I hate the least. With Meghan and Joey gone and the Roller Moms probably next, that only leaves the Hockey Brothers, their pretend girl friends the Country Singers, and the dreaded Big-Brained Max and Katie. I only really hate Max and Katie. The Hockey Brothers are just too damned athletic and I feel that gives them an unfair advantage. It gets monotonous when the same pair keeps winning. The Country Singers have no drive and keep relying on the brothers to help them out. I love it when an underdog team wins. That's what made last season so great--Josh and Brent, who had never even won a previous leg, finished first at the end over the buff James and Jaymes.

This week, the fate of the YouTubers and the Roller Moms was sealed when they booked what they thought was the first flight from Zurich to Edinburgh, but the anti-YouTubers found an earlier one. There was a Double-U turn and none of the three leading teams really needed to use on the other two, but they vindictively did, ensuring a grueling race for last place between the Moms and the Tubes.

It wasn't a particularly exciting episode with the most tense moments provided by bagpipes and stuffing  sheep guts. Once in Scotland, the teams had to hold a note on the bagpipes for a few minutes, find the next clue in a chimney, chose between rolling barrels of whiskey or making haggis while a fake poet recited an ode to the disgusting dish in a thick-as-haggis accent.

The Country Singers flirted with the guy impersonating the Scottish poet Robert Burns, who I found actually cuter than either of the brothers. And so was the cooking assistant in the Sheep's Heid where they did the haggis challenge, come to think of it.

Meghan and Joey have been coasting lately, and I'm not surprised they got eliminated. The Roller Moms are just more competitive. They managed to catch up with the YouTubers even though they had a Speed Bump. This wasn't the usual easy task designed just to take up some time like eating an ice cream cone or taking a cup of tea to an old man across the street. They had to actually accomplish something difficult--knock down all the pins in a Scottish version of bowling. So now I guess I'm rooting for the Roller Moms. Maybe they will make it to the final three in tomorrow's two hour finale. But I got a feeling it'll be the Hockey Brothers who win.  

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