Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Runway 12: Episode 2: Not Again!

Sandro needs to just shut up!
My first reaction after this week's Project Runway was No! No! NOOOO! Just check my Facebook and Twitter. OK, I can see that neither the Eco-Terror Timothy or Nasty Sandro deserved to be eliminated. Their looks were both passable. But once again, the judges aufed the wrong designer. A perfectly acceptable contestant who let go in favor of a head case.

The challenge was pretty routine--make an outfit to show off expensive jewelry. Most of the workroom shots were basically Sandro acting like a bitch. First he can't remember anybody's name. Alexander is Red Hair, Jeremy is Irish Guy (even though he's English). Then he gets into a screaming match with Ken--I don't even know over what. Justin is so lucky, he can turn off his hearing aid to shut them out. To top it off, Sandro can't figure out how to work a steamer and actually pulls a production techie into the set demanding instruction. The stunned techie just stammers "I have no idea" and scurries back behind the scenes. That's gotta be a first where the "real" world of the production crew spills into the "unreal" world of the reality show. (Just like in this Off-Broadway musical I saw last week Nobody Loves You at Second Stage, but that's another story.)

Further drama occurs when Sue STILL can't figure out how to work a sewing machine. Dom helps her out and Sue doesn't even say thank you (at least not on camera.) But damn, Sue pulls it off AGAIN and makes a fantastic gown. How much longer can she accomplish this sleight of hand?

Timothy is saved by Tim Gunn's advice and that of every other designer after the Sustainability Queen begs for their help. Which brings us to Helen who offers suggestions to Timothy, but gets too ambitious with her own garment and makes a sloppy mess. In another first, she has a major breakdown during the runway show and they actually stop it and break for a commercial while Tim goes to comfort her. This is the first time a runway show has stopped for a designer's tears. Sandro defends her and nearly cries. Perhaps because he's such a drama queen himself. During the critique Sandro has the nerve to ask the judges not to be too hard on Helen. Then he tells Timothy not to talk too much in the critique. Pot, meet kettle.

I vehemently disagreed with the judges. They pick Kate's rumpled-bedsheet number as the winner; I liked Dom's flowing floral gown much better. In the end it's between Helen and Kahindo for the axe and for some reason they decide to keep Helen. Kahindo's cocktail dress wasn't that bad. The rationale is that Helen's awful work showed ambition, but Kahindo's was just boring. Maybe they want to see Helen crack up again. She'll be gone before too long. I only pray Sandro and Timothy are not far behind.

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