Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay Marriage and Della Street

There is a conservative commentor on the Huffington Post who calls herself Della Street after the secretary on the old Perry Mason show. (I assume the poster is a woman) Her picture is a shot of the actress who played the role--Barbara Hale (pictured), whose only other claim to fame I can recall is playing Dean Martin's wife in the Airport movie (1970). I have responded to some of her comments with sarcastic remarks about enjoying her work on the TV.

Anyway, earlier this week Della responded to a story about the gay marriage vote in the NY State Senate with this terse comment: "Anybody else as sick of this gay rights crap as I am?" I responded: "Della, when you were a young girl back in the 1860s, I'll bet you went around saying 'Is anybody else as sick of this emancipation crap as I am?'" My witty joke was up for a while, but then it seemed to be taken down, appartently because I was making a personal attack on Della, who doesn't have to expose her true identity.

As the NY State Senate passed the gay marriage bill, I wondered how Della was feeling and how the right wing will respond. Will this be used against Democrats in 2012 and will the four brave Republicans who voted in favor of the bill in NY be punished by their rabid, homophobic base? The bill doubles the number of gays eligible to marry and sets the agenda for more states to follow.

One other interesting note: at yesterday's Gay Pride March thousands of people were holding up signs that read THANK YOU GOVERNOR and on the other side PROMISE KEPT. All theses signs were professional looking and printed rather than handmade, which means somebody must have ordered them BEFORE the vote was taken on late Friday night in order for them to ready on time. Coulod it have someone on Gov. Cuomo's staff perhaps?

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