Friday, June 3, 2011

Amazing Race Rip-Off and Other News

ABC is trying to rip off my favorite show "The Amazing Race." Mark Burnett, of "Survivor" fame, is biting off that Dutch producer who does TAR. It's a summer show called "Operation: Impossible" which begins its run in a few weeks. There are teams just like on TAR--only it's trios instead of duos. I saw the commercial recently and I already hate one team. It's the one with the guy who says "I don't wanna be beat by a blind guy." What a pig! From the looks of things, it seems to be a combination of "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race" with exotic locations and stunts like parachuting and bungee jumping. I'm willing to give it a chance and will blog about the first episode. There's no TAR or Project Runway to write about anyway. Some of the best reality shows have been brief summer flings like VH-1's Kept with Jerri Hall casting for a boy-toy in London and the same network's Strip Search, a casting show for a Vegas male strip revue.

In other less important news, they won't shut up about Anthony Weiner's Twitter bulge and Sarah Palin and Donald Trump ate pizza together at this crummy joint in Times Square I only go to when I only have ten minutes before curtain time at a Broadway show. You'd think with all their freakin' millions they'd find a classier joint to eat pizza. Or maybe they are just tryin' to show they just plain folks--maybe running for Prez and maybe not.

Speaking of which, the bad jobs report got everybody salivating over at Morning Joe. The panel could not contain itself at the prospect of a vulnerable Obama and a wide-open Republican field. "Double-dip recession," Scarborough cried, "Obama's in trouble. Everyone will forget he got Osama." Both Palin and Guiliani pissed all over Romney's opening announcement by visitng New Hampshire on the same day Mittens launched his campaign and badmouthing the one good thing he did as gov. of Mass.--public health care. I hope both Joan of Anchorage and Nasty Rudy get in and embarass themsevles. You just know this will be a free-for-all with all of the Repubs trying to prove themselves Tea-Partier-Than-Thou. Unfortunately, Obama has the bad economy to deal with, but if he plays Ryan's Kill-Medicare and Cantor's No Aide for Tornado Victims against the Repubs he can still win.

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