Thursday, November 17, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts IV: The Selling of the Presidency

(Right) First Daughter and Jewelry Hawker in Chief
We are now in a shit storm of Trump coverage, every single thing he and his Kardashian-like relatives do will be the source of a thousand Tweets and Facebook posts. After the 60 Minutes interview, Ivanka Trump was hawking the $10,000 bracelet she wore on the broadcast (as seen as TV!) She has since apologized and blamed it on a subordinate's mistake. To be perfectly fair, Trump did say he would not be taking a salary as president (UGH! just writing Trump and president in the same sentence makes my flesh crawl.) That has not been reported or commented on in my liberal elitist circles too much, so I will give him credit for that. Look, I'm giving him a chance! But we'll see if he follows through. There is also a report that he tried to use his influence to get the value of his Trump Hotel in Washington, DC knocked down several million dollars so he won't have to pay as much tax on it. And BTW, where are his tax returns?

Also in Trumpland: FB and Twitter say that Julian Assange is now begging for a pardon in return for throwing the election to Trump and thereby allowing Putin to take over Eastern Europe and dismantle NATO.

Possible Trump appointees hint at a Muslim registry, saying hey, we did with the Japanese during World War II. How exactly would this work? The Trump government sends out a questionnaire asking what your religion is? Who's going to answer that. Or is this just for new people entering the country from Muslim-majority nations? Will this survive a constitutional challenge?

I like Megan Kelly now.

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