Friday, March 8, 2013

King of the Nerds Finale and Reality TV Update

Genevieve should have won King of the Nerds

King of the Nerds ended with the wrong winner! Sorry, but Genevieve deserved to win over Celeste. She went to the Nerd-Off three times and beat experts in their fields--She beat Virgil at dancing, Alana at comic book trivia, and Moog at engineering. She led her team to victory. I didn't get the reasoning behind the votes for Celeste. She grew as a person? Oh give me a break! The good news is King of the Nerds will be back for a second season. And Danielle, who came in third, is a sore loser.

My stupid DVR did not record Project Runway. It only seems to do that with the high-defintion version of Lifetime TV shows. So I had to record the nonhigh-Def version of last week's episode with Joan Rivers in the 60-minute format and this week's high-school duct tape challenge. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

Over on Comic Book Men, the gang held an auction of a loyal customer's massive comic-book collection so he could pay off his medical bills. It's good to know if I ever need extra medical coverage, Superman and Batman can pay for it. At the auction, Walter was dressed as Martian Manhunter, but I had no idea who Mike was supposed to be.

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