Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homosexuality in the M&Ms Commercials

I just realized the M&M commercials are pretty kinky. There was always the one about the pretzel inside the Yellow M&M and the M&M being nervous that people would think there was something weird about the pretzel guy being inside of him. So much so that they both wear false mustaches and glasses so they won't be recognized. That's definitely about being a closeted gay.

The new commercial is even more edgy. The female chocolate M&M, who always seems to be naked because she has no shell, is at a party. We can tell it's a female because she's in high heels and has long lashes. Anyway a human woman says to her, "I want you to meet my friend Shelly, but stay away from Chrissie. She loves chocolate....She'll devour you." The sexual implication is clear. We see Chrissie across the room and she gives the female M&M--Let's call her Miss M for short--the eye. There's more than a hint of lesbianism in that look. So Miss M pawns off her male counterpart on Chrissie who takes him to her car, supposedly for a date. (The male M&M has the voice of Fry from Futurama--his name is Billy West) The male M&M says "Where do you want to go for a bite?" The ravenous Chrissie says "Right here" and locks the doors. There is a wide shot of the exterior of the car as Chrissie eats the poor guy and we hear his screams. So we've got cannibalism as well as lesbianism. I'm shocked the Million Moms aren't calling for a boycott of M&Ms.


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  2. The M in the logo is a man on his knees facing to the left. SODOMITES CONTROL AND RUN EVERYTHING. It’s not about being homosexual, well it’s a part of going against “nature”, defying the Creator but it’s about taking someone’s energy and life force through sodomy.