Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dreams and Work of Art finale

I've been having the weirdest dreams lately. Two nights ago I dreamt I was on the set of a TV-movie version of Henry V, filmed in modern dress in a suburban neighborhood. It starred Jerry Lewis and Len Cariou. Cariou was probably in it because I saw him in the audience at BAM recently, but Jerry Lewis' presence is a complete mystery. Later in the same dream I flew to Los Angeles and tried to pay my hotel bill, but couldn't find the front desk. That's a common occurence, looking for a place and having to do something very important there, but never finding it.

In an earlier dream, I found myself at a garage sale. The usual crap is on offer. I'm standing next to a fat kid who is spray painting his skateboard. I look down to find I have paint all over my pants. I turn to the kid and next to him is an old woman in a bathrobe and slippers. I assume she is his grandmother and I say, "Look what your kid did to my pants!" The crone just shruggs her shoulders and says "Sorry." I say, "Well give me $20 for new pants, then."

The old bag then faints, I grab her to keep her from falling. "That's so much money," she says in a weak voice. "We're having this sale because we're bankrupt. Can't you soften your heart?"

"It's not a big deal," I say angrily and then I wake up.

The spray paint part may be because earlier that night I watched Work of Art and the contestants spray painted hostess China Chow's dress to determine their order in a challenge. I watched the finale last night, BTW, and liked all three final shows--unlike last season. The final three artists of Season 2 were all strong. I thought Sara's pieces were the most interesting and didn't agree with the judges' decision to eliminate her first. I liked that China said "You're not the winner" as opposed to "You lost, pack your palette and go!" It worked out okay that Kymia won because Young, who came in second, had already won about $60,000 in previous challenges.

Sara's work was challenging and bizarre. Her use of materials and the performance aspect were really involving. Interestingly, both Young and Kymia dealt with the death of a parent.

Tonight is the season finale of Project Accessory. Then I will have nothing to live for until Project Runway All-Stars starts the first week of January.

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