Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Amazing Race 19--Episode 10--Waffles and Pigeons--Plus Work of Art and Project Accessory

It's a good thing I checked the listings before I went away for Thanksgiving or I would have entirely missed this week's Amazing Race. Maybe to promote ratings for a new show, CBS pre-empted The Good Wife for Person of Interest. I always DVR whatever show follows TAR in case stupid football runs over. This week, it ran over for nearly an entire hour, luckily I switched the recording to Person of Interest. As a side note, it turns out Work of Art and Project Accessory weren't on last week at all because of the holidays, so I didn't miss them after all.

I was right about Belgium and waffles as the races stayed in the Brussels area this week and waffles were involved in one challenge. The snowboarders managed to regain their incredible winning streak while praising Jesus all the while. After the bodybuilding challenge shown last week, everyone ran to a park where a Belgian jazz band played the theme from All Things Considered as the contestants stepped on the mat and were told they were still racing. From there they drove to a Ford mustang testing site from some fancy car drivin', product placement, and some free advertising for Ford. The snowboarders caught up as Ernie and Cindy got lost on the way to the next challenge which involved a choice of making waffles or rowing garbage cans on a river. It turns out the food challenge was the harder of the two and the Christian snowboarders gained even more ground.

The final challenge was following a flock of homing pigeons to a specific address in suburban Brussels and then racing to the pit stop, a giant jack thing. The old couple were eliminated and everyone heads for Panama next week. They are really slashing the budget these days, we've only being in Europe for three episodes and the total number of countries is significantly reduced. I can recall when it was a different country every episode.

As noted, I didn't miss Work of Art or Project Accessory. Lola continues to slip and feel sorry for herself. She did a nice drawing of herself as a kid driving with her dad, but those weird car parts sprayed with glitter had nothing to do with the drawing. Sara's winning piece was a clever and different take on the challenge of using the car parts and I'm glad Dusty saved his ass at the last minute with his tire-prints. The show inspires me to look at things in a different light. A few weeks ago when it rained heavily, a lot of cars in my neighborhood were covered with yellow leaves. That would have made an interesting series of photographs. But I was in a hurry and went to work.

They made sandals and hats and a third piece on Project Accessory.

Also I hear none of the usual cast will not be on the Project Runway All Stars show--not Tim, Heidi, Nina or Michael Kors. Maybe because they are gearing up for the regular series. That Tina Brown type from Marie Claire is going to be the mentor. Already, I'm less excited.

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