Wednesday, August 17, 2022

2024: Can Biden Win the Media War? Will Cheney Run for Prez as an Independent?

I thought the Trump reality show was at least closed for the summer with the last of the J6 Committee hearings before Congress returns in September. But no, we have to have yet another installment with the FBI search of Trumpy's tacky Florida home in search of missing classified documents. This justified execution of a warrant (not a raid) has pushed aside Biden's triumphant passage of a series of bills including the Inflation Reduction Act, the Chip one, and the one helping veterans exposed to burn pits. Republicans had to be shamed by John Stewart into voting on the last one and they were against a $35 cap on insulin. 

I worry that the benefits of these bills will not be felt by Americans until after the midterms in November, plus the price of gas may not be going down enough to convince voters to go for Dems. Yes, the price at the pump has been steadily dropping, but just under $4 is still too steep. 

Liz Cheney conceding her
Congressional primary race

There have been healthy signs of Trump receding in influence. Both the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal have editorialized he should never be allowed near the White House again. Laura Ingraham has actually dared to suggest in a podcast interview that the country is just plain tired of Trump's shenanigans and conservatives should focus on finding a candidate to carry out his policies without the baggage. However, his base is just as boneheadedly loyal and the FBI raid has driven many even further into his arms. (I saw a few Trump flags on a recent trip to Maine, not as many as last year, but it's concerning.) The Wyoming primary has resulted in Liz Cheney losing her Congressional seat and most Repubs who voted for impeachment have either retired or gotten primaried. In Cheney's concession speech, she referenced another Republican, Abe Lincoln, losing a Congressional seat, but later saving the country by running for prez. Could that mean she will run as an independent in 2024 just to keep Trump out of the White House.

There are legitimate beefs against the Biden administration. I can understand being anti-Biden. Inflation, high gas prices, provoking China, the debacle in Afghanistan (it was Trump's deal that led to the withdrawal, but it happened on Biden's watch, so he gets the blame.)  If a legitimate GOP candidate ran against Joe and won I wouldn't be surprised. But the MAGA people are not just complaining about economics, they are blindly backing a former president who conspired to overturn a free and fair election, who sat and did nothing while the Capitol was being attacked by a mob, who coddles racists, who is beholden to Putin, who may have swiped classified documents. 

Another wrinkle is Trump will cheat in order to get back in power. Several state legislatures are trying to pass laws to make them the ones who will decided their state's elections, not the voters. The Supreme Court will decide if this is Constitutional. What happens if they say, OK, sure, whatever you want? Our democracy hangs in the balance. 

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