Sunday, January 24, 2016

Political Thoughts

God help us!
GOP candidate Chris Christie recently said parents shouldn't have to worry about sending their kids to school and not having them come back alive. The irony is he was speaking in reference to the San Bernadino shootings by a radical Islamic terrorist couple. He's overlooking the fact that parents have been worried about their children's survival ever since the crazy guy shot up that school in Newtown, Conn. GOP candidates are picking and choosing which mass shootings to be concerned about. If they involve Muslims then it's a real cause for panic. If it's white guys then there's basically nothing we as a society can do about it because that would mean taking away someone's precious gun. You'll notice no one is doing anything about the militant ranchers taking over a government wildlife preserve in Oregon because they didn't like a judge's ruling on their court case. Could it be because these guys are white and Christian? Can you imagine what would happen if they were African-American, Native American, or Muslim?

Another issue not getting much play from the Repubs is the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. This is what happens when you treat the people's government like a business. In an effort to save money, the Flint water system was switched to the toxic water from the local river. Can you imagine what a businessman like Trump would do with the whole country's welfare? Cut a deal for cheaper water and we'll end up with no clean water for anybody.

All this tells me is we cannot afford to have a Republican in the White House. Hopefully, we won't get one. But it could happen, even with monomaniacal Trump or crazy Cruz as the candidate. That's why I support Hillary. She is not a perfect candidate but she knows how to get things done. If Bernie is the candidate, his socialist label will scare off moderate Republicans and we'll wind up with a GOP nut job as prez. If Bloomberg goes in as an independent candidate it will be even worse.

On Meet the Press this morning, Chuck Todd detailed the latest craziness going on in GOP elite circles: Bashing Cruz to get rid of him and hoping something will happen down the line to get rid of Trump so an establishment figure like Rubio or Bush will emerge triumphant (cause that worked out so well for Mittens Romney and John McCain the last two times.) David Brooks was actually saying he believed this would happen, that eventually the far-right GOP primary voters would realize they might actually get Trump as their candidate and pull the switch for a moderate.

I still say Hillary will be the Dems' nominee even if she loses Iowa and NH to Sanders. Who her opponent will be is less sure. If it's Trump, there might be a split and the establishment could run someone as a third party like Theodore Roosevelt did, guaranteeing a win for the Dems. If Bloomberg jumps in, would he take more votes away from Hillary than Donald?

Everything is uncertain and conventional wisdom should be thrown out of the window, but I like to think we will avoid a nightmare scenario where Trump is the winner. That would be like the worst reality TV show.

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