Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama and the Man Card

About drones--There is definitely cause for concern that the president is setting his rules and not allowing due process, something Adams, Jackson, and Lincoln also did. But, aside from the legality of it, I do find it fascinating that the GOP calls Obama weak and vacillating when he's probably the most badass President we've had in a while. I mean this guy kills our enemies with drones yet Republican senators feel free to accuse him of being limp-wristed when it comes to America's defense. If W. launched those drones, they'd be cheering. This week Glenn Beck had the nerve to call Obama a woman because the president said on 60 Minutes that if he had a son he would be reluctant to allow him to play football. And then there are the shots of Obama shooting skeets as if to prove he's a real guy to the gun-owners of America. What is this with all this macho crap? I found that ad about owning a Bushmaster meaning you've renewed your man card offensive.

Which leads us to the ironic use of women in the NRA's twisted cry to stop the assault weapons ban. In testimony before the Senate committee and taken up by their stooge Lindsay Graham, the NRA made the argument mothers alone need Bushmasters and high-capacity magazines with 30 or 40 rounds to defend themselves and their sweet little babies against possible intruders. They actually used the words choice and accused gun control advocates of limiting women's option when it comes to self-defense. So women should have choices about their deadly assault weapons but not their pregnancy? And another thing, if we have to register our cars and have leases to our homes, what's the big deal about registering guns?

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