Saturday, January 21, 2012

Urban Encounter 3: A Poem

At Union Square, the crowds are incredible when
the two L trains going in opposite directions stop
at the same time.
A sea of humanity surges up the stairs as I close my Christmas gift--a Kindle Fire--
after reading Andrew Sullivan's Newsweek article on Obama.
An Hispanic woman carrying two babies attempts to brook the tide,
Descending to the platform.
Earlier in the week a man with tattoos covering his face, like Queeque in Moby Dick,
Led a dog down the same stairs.
At the top, a violinist is sweetly playing Puccini.
I am so distracted I forget to make my usual
Wednesday morning stop at Forbidden Planet to check out the new comics.
I make a mental note to go at lunch time.
I used to think when my father used that phrase he meant a "metal note"
and I visualized a sheet of tin with notes scrawled on it.

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