Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars Episode 3--Delusions of Piggy

Something is definitely wrong when adults talk about a puppet as if it were real. This week on Project Runway All-Stars, the entire cast suffered from the delusion that a felt porker was an actual celebrity. The desingers were told to make a cocktail dress for Miss Piggy and they spent most of the hour gushing over an inanimate object brought to life by a guy named Frank Oz. At least I think Oz is still Piggy's manipulator. There was one weird shot that brought this whole reality-illusion thing into perspective. Throughout the judging they only showed part of the panel so you couldn't see Piggy's human puppeteer. Then at the very end just before the decision was rendered, they did a long shot of all four judges and the Miss Piggy doll, with no manipulator to give her personality, just sat there like a stuffed doll next to the living fashionistas.

Speaking of manipulation and gushing, the producers are really propping up Joanna Coles, the wanna-be Tim Gunn. She looked totally unenthuiastic when she made her weekly brief "mentor visit" saying this was the most exciting PR challenge ever and then I almost fell out of my chair when she said she couldn't wait to see the finished products--but she never does! She just makes her rounds and then vanishes. She doesn't even bid goodbye to the losing designer and give them a hug like Tim Gunn did.

In order to make it seem like the designers actually listen to what Miss Devil Wears Prada has to say, they always have an interview shot with a contestant praising her. This week it was Mondo being forced to say "Oh, I really appreciate her opinion."

And another thing, there is absolutely no drama this year. This week the most controversial comment was Mila bitching about Kenley and Kara being co-dependent. Really, Miss Geometric Pattern, that's the best you can do? And the nastiest catfight was between Austin and Kara (I think) over accessories, which quickly fizzled. There was even a scene with everyone laughing and drinking together. Remember when that one guy was booted off for using a pattern book and the time Laura accused Geoffrey of cheating? Those were exciting times. Not anymore, hon. I should have watched Marianne Gingrich's interview on Nightline instead.

Nothing too great about the dresses. I enjoyed Michael and Kenley's out-there creations while Mila's was so boring. She should have been nixed rather than Gordana.

I actually watched most of an episode of 24 Hour Catwalk to see if this new show had the ooomph PR All-Stars is lacking. I zipped through most of it, but it looks entertaining and we get to see a designer interacting with seamstresses which is closer to what actually happens in the fashion workroom. I like Alex the hostess and her style is very offbeat and kooky. Evidently she's been on MTV or something. She's got a lot more pizzazz than the stick figure hosting All Stars.

One other reality note: Sundance has done a terrible job of promoting the second season of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. I just found out they showed the finale last night and I didn't even know they had started. The first season had posters on buses all over the city. I haven't heard a peep about this one.

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