Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars Episode 2--Joanna Coles Is no Tim Gunn

Does Joanna Coles, EIC of Marie Claire, think she's too good to go shopping with the designers at Mode or shepherd them to the runway for the fashion show like Tim Gunn did? Apparently she only has time in her busy schedule to drop by for a brief visit and say general phrases like "How are you going to surprise us?" Joanna obviously doesn't have the style or depth of knowledge that Tim did. His critiques were really specific and detailed. It's the second week and Coles is not impressing me at all.

The other big change is the chairs the designers sit in for the runway show. Instead of the folding chairs of yore, they look like airport lounges.

As for the challenge--design a gown for the opera--I thought Michael should have won, that collar with the feathers and the jewels was gorgeous. Austin's was nice enough, but I don't think it deserved first place. BTW, I once met him at the airport in Chicago between flights.

I wasn't surprised Sweet P was eliminated, her dress reminded me of an explosion of Fruity Peebles or Trix, and it made the model look fat. Mondo's looked like Jane Jetson goes to see My Space Lady and Jerrel's was like a nightgown. His model appared ready for bed. April's was all puckered and slapdash, as if she sewed together the wrong pieces in a hurry.

Afterwards, I watched the first ten minutes of 24 Hour Catwalk and immediately liked the host Alex. She is no-nonsense, telling the contestants, "Sucking up to me is not going to help you." The gimmick doesn't seem too promising, but I will have to watch the whole thing.

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