Thursday, January 19, 2012

South Carolina Showdown

In the Cayman Islands We Trust
The Republican primary is getting good. Rick Perry drops out and endorses Newt two days before the SC voting. Meanwhile, that very night (tonight) the second Mrs. Gingrich will go on ABC News to spill the beans about her former husband's lack of morals and desire for polygamy. I'll bet it will crush the debate on CNN in the ratings. I also wonder if Marianne Gingrich has cashed that check from Mitt Romney's Cayman Islands off-shore account.

This leads me to Romney's tin ear when it comes to bragging about his wealth and tax breaks. (Yesterday, I started singing "50 Percent" from "Ballroom" in the office and substituting "15 Percent.") It's not that American begrudge his success or envy it--as Mittens puts it--but the cavalier way he dismisses $357,000 in speaking fees as if it were nothing is what grates on people earning $40,000 a year for a family of four. (he probably didn't even think about how it would sound.) You may recall that Bush Senior lost his election to Clinton when during the final debate, he looked at his watch while Bill was expressing his concern for a member of the audience who had several friends who had lost jobs. It made Poppy Bush look out of touch with the common man and that is how Mittens looks. He was able to survive the attacks on Bain Capital--that's just business and somebody is gonna get hurt, but we made more jobs than we destroyed, is the rationale---but now he is being killed by his own apparent indifference to John and Jane Q. Public.

Newt has surged in the last few days--in part due to the redneck standing ovation he got when he "put Juan Williams in his place"--and might even win South Carolina. Oh, please, oh, please. That would be so good. I still think Romney is the nominee but the longer this plays out the better. Sarah Palin had to open her big mouth and endorse Newt and then she had the gaul to say the last election had an unvetted candidate and look what happened. This dimwit was actually referring to Obama and NOT herself. What a maroon! Newt responded by saying he'd ask Joan of Anchorage to have a major post in his White House. OMG! A gift from God to the Democrats if Newt is nominated. Just the mention of Palin in a major position of power is enough to lose them million of votes.


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