Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: Of Cliffs and Kardashians

Is this the only blog to feature pictures of John Boehner and
Kim Kardashian in the same post?
Probably not, but it might get me more hits.
We are now officially falling off the fiscal cliff, but Orange Man John Boehner can stop the fall. The Senate passed a compromise bill late last night (sometime after Kathy Griffin pretended to give Anderson Cooper oral on CNN), now it's in the House and Boehner is desperately attempting to wrangle enough non-Tea Party votes to get it to pass. After the Plan B debacle, his skin tone will change from orange to green if he can't cut the mustard.

As far as the bill goes, I am not one of these purist Democrats who demand the $250K threshold on higher taxes. The new bill goes higher ($400K for individuals and $450K for couples) and I can live with that. You have to give the Republicans something, that's called negotiating, as we learned in the current Lincoln movie, there are all kinds of tricky deals that go on behind the scenes. If you don't horse trade, nothing gets done. You have your principles and idealism in tact, but no legislation gets passed. That's what these Tea Party true believers haven't learned. What will probably happen is the Tea Baggers will vote no and have protection from primary challenges and Boehner will allow the more moderate members of his party to vote yes. Pelosi, who has better control of her people than Boehner, will let one or two extreme liberals to vote no because they're unhappy with the $450K threshold, but the Dems will go for it. Now the real fight over spending cuts is kicked down the road to March.

The really big New Year's news is that skank Kim Kardashian is preggers with Kayne West's baby. Is she the one who married the basketball player for like ten minutes after their multi-million dollar wedding? How long have they been dating? How long do you think they'll stay married after E! gives the Kardashian family another couple of million dollars to cover the nuptials? Ah, the sanctity of heterosexual unions.

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