Friday, August 10, 2012

Project Runway Season 10: Episode 4: They're Dropping Like Flies

What did Andrea and Kooan think they were getting into when they signed on as contestants on Project Runway? Both quit the show before being eliminated. In the last episode, after being thrown under the bus by her teammate Christopher, Andrea got up in the middle of the night and vanished from the series. She didn't even go to Tim Gunn and state "This just isn't for me." At least Kooan, the cute little Pikuchu designer, did that the next day in episode 4, and he left to be quickly replaced by the last eliminated contestant Raul. Which leaves the question why wasn't another eliminated contestant brought back to take Andrea's place? Perhaps they called Raul in order for him to take Andrea's place and then Kooan went and quit too so they didn't have time to call Lantie, the bib woman who was the previously aufed designer.

The previous challenge of working in teams evidently took a toll, both Andrea and Kooan seemed to lose all their energy and get all withdrawn, Andrea took a lackadaisical, jokey attitude and Kooan become lethargic, totally unlike his usual ebullient self--like a toy poodle with a cold. It may be that Andrea at age 58 did not feel like competing with young, hungry people and Kooan felt his individuality crushed by having to collaborate or conform to the demands of each week's assignment.

After the designers got back from Michael Kors' store and Mood for their shopping, it seemed as if everything was turning into Project Group Therapy with Kooan making his announcement and Nathan bursting into tears. Raul was brought back in and Ven starting sharpening his claws on him ("I don't know why they brought him back.") Christopher offered unsolicited advice to Buffi and Fabio cut his skirt way too short. I like Christopher a lot, but he's very insecure and wilts at the least criticism or the possibility that someone might not like him. He needs to toughen up.

When we got to the runway, Christopher, Sonjie, and Dmitri were on the top and Buffi, Fabio, and Raul were on the bottom. Ven was in the middle for making basically the same dress he did for the last two challenges--he is technically proficient, but I think he lacks versatility--and Elena made her usual yard-wide linebacker outfit. None of the top dresses were really inspiring--though I like Christopher's a lot. Sonjie won and Buffi, one of my favorites, was eliminated. I sent several tweets saying I wish she could get own show. She's kooky, funny, and fabulous.

The previews for episode five have the remaining designers splitting into two teams to create a collection for Nina and Elena, who has a history of not playing well with others, blows her Ukrainian top.


  1. Buffi would have had a career working with Betsey Johnson, if Johnson's company hadn't gone into bankruptcy this year. But Buffi's taste level (she was a one-trick pony, too) was always questionable; her clothes weren't quirky like Kooan's; they were tarty; and her construction level wasn't up to snuff.

    1. I have to agree about the limits of Buffi's skills, but I still love her. Thanks for the comment.