Friday, August 3, 2012

Project Runway 10: Episode 3: Stupid Red Carpet!

They say team challenges and tipping wait staff will reveal your true personality. This week's Project Runway brought out the dark underside of many of the designers and also led to a shocking tease for the next episode. Elena was evidently raised by Ukrainian wolves, Buffi just wants to eat something, Raul and Alicia HATE evening wear, Andrea has reached the age where she's not going to lose her shit over a dress, and Christopher is so desperate for a win he might lose out to his evil twin Gunnar. . Plus the dresses made everyone look fat!

The shameless product placement began with the designers teaming up and choosing their colors based on the tones of seven Lexuses. Then faceless drivers took them to meet their clients--former Project Runway contestants, each a somewhat quirky, opinionated one--ranging from the delightful Laura who I saw on the NYC subway once to crazy Kenley who alienated all her fellow designers on Season Five to geometric-shapes woman Mila. The challenge was to create a red-carpet gown to be worn to the Emmys. My first thought was they're all going to the Emmys? No only the winner and the wearer of the winning dress.

Everyone had problems working together particularly Elena and Buffi. Elena is such a control freak and Buffi is so relaxed, they immediately ran into trouble, particularly since they chose to make the Dress with 5000 Pleats. (Cue the tense violins as Elena storms out in a Ukrainian huff and explains to the Confession Camera the history of hard times in her native land and how that applies to fashion design--"Where I came from you have hustle just to feed yourself, so I won't let Buffi eat until she irons every last pleat.")

Christopher stressed out as Andrea took a "whatevs" attitude.This goes to her initial interview in which she said at 58 she can say "I don't give a fuck." This can be beneficial in that you don't freak out easily, but Christopher saw it as lackadaisical and asked "Well then if you're not passionate about this, why are you here?"

Ven won again but the structure echoed the rock-candy dress of last week. I think he may be proficient but not versatile.

The tease for next week looks like one of the most drama-filled episodes ever. Andrea steals away in the middle of the night and everyone's morale collapses. I can't wait, but then I'm out of the country for three weeks. How will I bear it?

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