Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Runway 10: Episode 2: Sweet and Tweet

Buffi's messy but fun creation
I've discovered you can't live tweet and blog about a TV show at the same time. I experimented with live tweeting this week's unconventional challenge episode of Project Runway and am having a hard time writing this blog since all my energy went into the tweeting. I had to watch the damn thing twice. I did get something out of the tweets because Buffi favorited several of my comments and even replied to some of my thoughts. In gratitude, I voted for her as fan favorite--I would have done it anyway, but she was so nice. And she's in fourth or fifth place, so get with it, Buffi fans.

The episode itself was not particularly exciting. The challenge was to use unusual materials--candy--a choice they've done before. Several seasons back they went to the Hershey Store in Times Square. This time the cite was Dylan's Candy Bar, run by the daughter of Ralph Lauren. Ven crushed rock candy into a stained-glass window-inspired creation and Sonja made a beautiful blue dress studded with gummy sharks and other gumdrops. The hateful Gunnar did a nice job and Andrea had a nervous moment when Tim Gunn disparaged her paper-pill apron, but she stood by her design and survived.

Buffi made an intricate top of that sugary rainbow stuff but her cute hat melted and made a gooey mess (she and Kooan learned cotton candy is not a wise choice) Though it was messy, her piece did have interest and a sense of fun and character. Lanti's outfit was not exciting or imaginative, and she was aufed. The only real drama was Elena getting a glue gun burn and crying as the paramedics were called.

Next week (tomorrow really, I've been busy) past designers are the clients for dresses to the Emmys. Are they all going to the Emmys or only the one with the winning dress? That bitch Kenley is one of the clients so this should be good.

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