Monday, March 17, 2014

On the Job Search, Part Three: Interviews

In going over my notebooks from attending employment workshops, seminars, and job fairs, I came across these points about interviews

1. This is probably the most important lesson of all: NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SAD STORY. Yes, it's fun to vent during job interviews or recruitment events or when anyone asks you to "say a little sometime about yourself," but do NOT dwell on the negative. If you've been dealt a bad hand on your last job, boo-hoo. Everyone has been in that boat. Mention if briefly in a positive way (as in "It was a learning experience") and move on.

2. All job interviews are really about three questions--1) Can you do the job?; 2) Will you do the job?; 3) Will you fit in?

3. The interview is about the company, not you.

4. Have several copies of your resume at the interview.

5. Have specific examples of your problem solving ready and your stories to illustrate your point should not be more than four sentences long. Don't drone on and on.

More to come as I find them.

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