Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On the Job Search, Part One

I've been going to various job search seminars and workshops in my hunt for full-time employment. I've been taking notes on helpful tips, and thought it would be neat to share some with you. Also, it would be helpful for me to have all this stuff in one place so I'm putting it on the blog. Here are some ideas based on what I've learned:

1. When applying for a position online, follow directions. You'd be surprised how many candidates eliminate themselves by skipping over the instructions. If the potential employer wants a separate cover letter attached with your salary history, and you don't provide one, your resume goes straight to the virtual trashcan.

2. Send Thank-You notes and be specific in them. Handwritten thank-you notes are imperative after every in-person or phone interview. All you have to do is find a pack of these cards at the CVS. They're only about $10. Enclose your business card, and be specific in your note. Don't just say, "Thanks for the giving me your valuable time." Make references to what was discussed, possible connections and networking opportunities, etc.

3. At the end of the interview, ask for the interviewer's business card and also ask what is the best way to contact them (Email, regular mail, LinkedIn, etc.) I sent a Thank-you card to a recruiter and she emailed me back saying she loved getting actual physical cards.

4. Volunteering is a good idea. It may not lead to a paying job, but you might learn a new skill and meet new people who will lead you to one.

That's all for now, but I will continue posting these as I hear them.

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