Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swing Voters: Now They Pay Attention

I admit it, I'm a terrible loser. I don't enjoy watching the political shows now that things are not going my way. All is gloom and doom amongst the liberal media since President Obama's lousy debate performance last week. Romney did an excellent selling job of himself as a moderate and Obama let him get away with murder. Polls are tightening up. What I find incredible is that there's a whole huge chunk of the electorate which hasn't been paying attention until now. That's what Mittens is betting on. He's thinking that among the 60 million who watched Debate One are folks who haven't been listening to his hard-right positions on Medicare, taxes, abortion, etc. and those people are saying to themselves, "Oh he's not so bad. Those Democrats and that damned liberal media must have been exaggerating like always. Now I can vote for him, get a job at Staples, and still have gay marriage, abortion rights, and civil liberties."

Just today Romney said he wouldn't change anything about abortion laws to make them more restrictive even though he told Mike Huckabee he was in favor of a personhood amendment and had on many occasions said he opposed Roe V. Wade. The only thing Obama has right now is defending Big Bird and unemployment falling below 8 percent. Why didn't he punch back at the plastic man? He'd better rally or we could have phony Mitt and Queen Anne and those five Pat Boone sons to stare at for four years. The VP debate on Thurs. will not matter even if Biden knocks out Ryan.

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