Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts

Here's the thing. I accept that Trump won the election. It's done.The electoral college is not going to vote Hillary in. It's not going to happen. I have to live with this horrible man as the leader of my country and I am deeply ashamed to be an American right now. It does seem a bit early for impeachment, but we'll see what happens. Having said that, I support everyone's right to protest against the positions he took during the campaign and the positions he's taking now: destroying climate change work, possibly getting rid of Social Security and Medicare (Ryan says he wants to do this), legalizing discrimination against gays (yes he said gay marriage is OK on 60 Minutes, but what about this religious exception bullshit Mike Pence wants?) Also the racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-Muslim things Trump's said. Deny it all you like Kellyanne Conway, he said racist things. Are you going to sue me?

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