Friday, November 27, 2015

Donald Trump: Raging Id

Donald Trump Free of Hairspray
We have reached the point where Donald Trump is no longer a joke, but a threat to civilized discourse and the political process. He has become the raging id of the American public like the invisible monster in Forbidden Planet which is really Walter Pidgeon's subconscious. No matter what outrageous, childish thing he says, his supporters still favor him. Many pundits are saying none of the traditional rules of politics or even civility apply to Trump and the media lets him get away with all kinds of incredible lies, distortions, evasions, and exaggerations. (Where in New Jersey did he personally see thousands of people cheering for the Twin Towers falling? He said he personally saw this, not film of it on TV.)

I've concluded that a certain percentage of US voters wants to be like Trump. They want their racist, sexist, entitled white male identity to go unchecked and unchallenged. Like schoolyard bullies, they want to be able to make fun of disabled people, foreigners, women, gays, anyone with a difference or expressing an opposing viewpoint, without being called on it by the teacher and made to stand in the corner. They want say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays and not feel guilty about it--and they want to force everyone else to say Merry Christmas. (Trump said at a rally-"When I'm president, everyone will say Merry Christmas" How is he going to accomplish that? With a Christmas micro-chip implanted in our brains and we get a shock if we say Happy Holidays?)

Trump says we don't have time to be "politically correct," meaning we are so endangered by ISIS, illegal immigrants and liberals that we can't take a second to be polite and check our baser instincts. We need to be brutal, nasty and ugly to refugees, female and minority reporters, and Black Lives Matters protestors because being otherwise will cost lives. I imagine Trump hated to have any of his employees fill out a non-sexual harassment compliance form because it would mean they'd have spent two minutes less polishing the foot rails at Trump Tower.

His supporters want to feel safe. They're frightened and angry. He is playing to their fear by saying maybe protestors deserve to be roughed up, thousands of Arab-Americans in New Jersey did cheer for the falling of the Twin Towers, and all Muslims should be registered, but not guns. (Ben Carson is saying the same thing basically, but he's even nuttier than Trump which is why Carson's numbers have been dropping.)

Trump says whatever he wants without thinking. Thought scares his supporters. They don't trust Obama because he thinks. They don't Hillary Clinton because she's calculating. (In addition to Obama being black and Hillary being a woman.) Trump is unfettered by reason or intellect. He drives a hard bargain and games the system to get what he wants. Anybody who doesn't is a sucker, a weakling, a loser--or worst of all, low-energy. Morality, ethics, civility mean nothing to Trump and his supporters want to do away with them too. I know that he doesn't stand a chance of being president, but it's frustrating to see him being taken seriously just because he brings in big ratings.

Hopefully enough people will wake up to his insanity and he'll be denied the Republican nomination. If he loses, I will bet you big money he runs as a third party candidate, guaranteeing the White House for Hillary.

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