Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' and Utah/NM Rulings

A transgendered Bugs Bunny encounters
 the Duck Dynasty family.
I really can't get too upset about the controversy surrounding this Duck Dynasty guy--I don't even feel like looking up his name--because history is on my side. The very same week that this 67-year-old, self-proclaimed bible-thumper spouted the usual bigoted homophobic thrash in GQ, the states of New Mexico and Utah declared gay marriage legal. Yes, I know the Utah decision was made by a federal judge and is being appealed by the Republican governor and his attorney general. Those two are trying to stop their clerks from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. But for the moment, that means 18 states have gay marriage. The judge's ruling can potentially be applied in other states with a gay marriage ban. (New Mexico had no law one way or the other so that decision is on firmer ground.) This Utah case might go all the way to the Supreme Court and that might lead to national gay marriage. Also on the up side, President Obama is sending openly gay athletes to the Winter Olympics in anti-gay Russia as part of our official delegation. This forced closeted skater Brian Boitano to officially come out.

But what's more disgusting is the Duck guy's stupid comments about African-Americans being happier before the Civil Rights era. Now if he had just said that would he have received as much support from the Christian community and the Duck viewers? I wonder if these right-wingers screaming about freedom of speech felt the same way about Martin Bashir and the Dixie Chicks?

This whole thing made me think of that Warner Brothers cartoon where Bugs Bunny encounters two long-bearded hillbillies (who look suspiciously like the Duck Dynasty clan) and foils them by dressing in drag and leading them in a violent square dance.

So like Megyn Kelly's white Santa brouhaha, who really cares what Papa Duck says? He's apologized and been suspended. Let him have his show back so he can collect his millions for crappy Walmart T-shirts. Like Bugs Bunny, I'm going to win in the long run.

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