Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project Runway Season 12: Episodes 10 & 11: Nuts and Chocolate

Ken with his Superfan client.
He's finally gone. No more petting the kitty.
Well, at least we're rid of Ken and his diva ways. Last week the highlight was a bitchfight between Ken and Alexander. Keep in mind that Ken has already had altercations with Sandro, Helen, Alexandria, and Sue, and his mama knows about the "other Ken" who comes out of the bathroom once in a while. After a hard day of being nice to Project Runway Superfans, all the designers' nerves were on edge. Since Jeremy was gone, Braden and Alexander had to move in with Ken and Justin. Just before the move, Ken tells the camera he feels secure in his set-up with just Justin, who is cowering in the corner and turning off his hearing aide. This is foreshadowing, y'all. Then Alexander knocks on the door to be let in to his new home. Ken refuses to answer since he's busy ironing a pair of cut-off shorts and blocking the front hallway. After several moments Alexander enters and Ken refuses to move right away, as if he's in prison and marking out his territory, When Ken finally moves, Alexander angrily knocks over the ironing board and the iron. Ken explodes and, just as with Sandro a few weeks ago, the fourth wall is broken and a production person is called into the shot. Ken continues to scream into the commercial break and is presumably hauled off in a straight jacket.

I think Sandro and Ken should be paired in their own reality show and call it Rage on the Runway.

The next day all the designers but Ken are in the lounge looking like they got no sleep which they probably didn't. Tim Gunn brings in Ken who does not apologize to anyone, but just says he got upset. Yes, Alexander did behave inappropriately, but Ken needs to be on medication. I guess they didn't want to boot him off right there because it would have been disappointing the Superfan client, but I hope they told him "Knock it off, Mary!" the night before.

The runway show was a bit of an anticlimax but Ken was eliminated even though Alexander's outfit was far worse.

Episode 11 did lack drama but there was a double elimination. This was the create-your-own-print challenge and the designers had to use a young "innovator" as inspiration. Yeah, like a skateboarder or a kickstart guru is really gonna inspire me to make a fashion statement. Thanks, HP for the product placement and the stupid idea for a challenge.

The final result is a mixed bag. Braden's cool print works on a bomber jacket over a tube skirt, plus it doesn't hurt that the model is superhot. Dom's is full of wild color and the styling is tribal and exotic. Kate sews 75 panels on her skirt and you can't even see the print. Alexander goes cuckoo for cocoa puffs and make a chocolate bishop's gown just cause his last name is Pope (if he's gonna be that literal, why not take some poetry written by his namesake and scrawl them all over white muslin?, Alexander Pope was a real poet, you non-English majors). Justin makes drab curtains. Alexandria opts for cheap chic and gets away with it because Heidi likes her. Dom wins (finally, I really love her work) and Alexander and Kate are given the boot. Kate weeps at being eliminated for a second time (she was aufed last season, too). For the final three, I'm guessing Helen, Braden and Dom.

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