Friday, February 1, 2013

Reality TV Update: Geek Vs. Chic

As I had posted on Facebook, I am probably the only person in America who likes both Project Runway and King of the Nerds. How many gay fashion-loving guys do you know who also get off on Batman, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the Big Bang Theory? (On Beauty and the Geek, I was probably the only audience member who answered correctly the quiz questions on Stella McCarthy and The Incredibles.) I'm that weird combination of fashionista and fanboy. This past Thurs., I was in a pickle because the first half-hour of Nerds (ep. 3) overlapped the last half-hour of Runway (ep. 2). I know, there is a thing called the DVR but I like to watch live. For the first time geek won over chic and I watched Nerds live. What will I do next week when Smash starts on NBC on the same night? I supposed I'll have to go to ON Demand with one of these shows since you can only DVR two programs at a time.

I opted for Nerds live because Runway looked a bit tired in its first episode this 11th season. The producers  had to come up with some kind of season-long twist and they decided to make each challenge a team one. Blah. The first week was not really a team effort. Everyone had to make a dress inspired by NYC--how original--and then listen to everyone else on their team offer critiques. I was glad when Patricia, the designer from New Mexico, got high praise from the judges for her innovative print dress after her fellow competitors called it too artsy-craftsy. Suck it, team bitches! This week, the idea was to make uniforms for the waitstaff and "ball boys" at this Ping Pong club owned by Susan Sarandon. So that's what she been doing with herself these days. Boring! You know you're in trouble when the designers are better dressed than the models.

King of the Nerds may not be the hottest show on TV, but for me it's fun and silly. The nerds are like the weird outcast kids I used to hang out with in high school and college--yes, I was one of them. Some of them are even cute, like Brandon who, sadly, was eliminated this week. Each week the two teams--just like on Project Runway--compete on some nerdy specialty like cosplay, live gaming, or superhero trivia. The winning team is safe and two members of the losing group face off in a Nerd-Off. Apart from Brandon, I kind of like Alana, who is outcast among outcasts, having been picked last in the first week when sides were being chosen. It was great when the tables were turned and she was given all the power to make big decisions affecting the outcome.

We'll see how these two different shows develop as the season progresses.

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